Chairman's Statement

Thai economy and the world economy in 2017 has been improved from the US economic growth by consumption of the private sector related to the employment. In the EURO zone will focus on manufacturing and service sectors. Japan focus on investing in high technology and developing human resources in order to increase productivity, which grew stronger and higher than the economies of China and in many developing countries. Thai economy has expanded from the export of goods and services. However, the impact on Baht strengthened, Consumption and investment of the private sector, consumption in the country and tourism sector is stronger. Meanwhile, government investment slowed down from the previous year. As a result, in the economic growth rate to increase to 3.9 percent compared to 2016.

For the performance of our company in 2017, amid the prices competition and labor problems, the Company had net loss in consolidated financial statements at 37 million Baht which food and beverage had net profit of 18 million Baht and apparel business had net loss 32 million Baht. Whereas, warehouse and wharf business had net profit 13 million Baht. The net loss of 37 million Baht resulting from impact of Thai Financial Reporting Standard 3 (Revised: 2016) Business combinations which was the investment in food & beverage and apparel business in amount of 65 million Baht (Net of tax).

In future, the Company still believe in our potential for growth in food & beverage business and warehouse business with high growth rate and in very good trend and we are determined to develop operation system to be modern and efficiency in order to have the company’s edge in the competition, fast response to customers’ needs and with more efficiency and at the same time reduce our operation costs in long term.

The Company’s operation based on the correctness, legality, business ethics, honesty, and good governance with the consideration on the interests of shareholders and all groups of stakeholders including social and environmental responsibility regularly.

The Company’s Board of Directors would like to thank all sponsors and stakeholders including all relevant parties, public and private agencies for always supporting and relying on the Company. The Company would like to promise in operating the business carefully, transparently, honestly, and fairly to all parties in accordance with the principles of good corporate governance. Moreover, the Company will continue to develop for producing the high quality products and services to the market.

สารจากประธานกรรมการ Chairman's Statement

Mr.Sompoch Intranukul
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