Corporate Governance Policy

นโยบายการกำกับดูแลกิจการ Corporate Governance Policy

The Board of Directors has been fully aware of the importance of good governance so it has imposed the policy all-inclusive in the principle of rights and equality of all shareholders and stakeholders, role and duty and independence of the Board, information disclosure and transparency, control and risk management and business ethics by the supervision that all directors, executives and employees follow the policy, as following:

  • The Board of Directors shall perform and communicate with shareholders fairly and equitably.
  • The Board of Directors shall think of the rights of all stakeholders and support on understanding and co-operation with the company.
  • The Board of Directors shall perform the duties by thinking of the benefits of the company and shareholders more importantly and to have the structure and process in fixing the role and duty with a clear responsibility of the board as directors separately from the role of shareholders and the management.
  • The Board of Directors shall implement appropriately to create the confidence that the management has disclosed information and report of the company correctly, on time and transparently, and consistently with the official rules.
  • The Board of Directors shall have the responsibility to impose the structure on management’s ability on policy, administration and suitability in the control system.
  • The Board of Directors shall impose the ethical rules in doing business for directors, management and employees to comply with and to be working guideline in consistent with the related legislations and standard code of conduct generally accepted.

The Board of Directors has therefore revised the corporate governance policy of the company with the code of conduct, dated 13 December 2013, to make it consistent with the time and situations and the guideline of the Stock Exchange of Thailand, with following details:

Right of Shareholders
Equal Practice to All Shareholders
Roles of the Stakeholders
Disclosure and Transparency
Responsibilities of the Board of Directors
Code of Conduct
Whistleblower Policy
Collective Action Coalition

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