“Document Storage Services Center ’’ was founded in 1995 and has been providing off-site archives storage. Its businesses are organizes and stores critical documents for companies, business and organizations. Our services focus on providing the best value, security, reduced cost and increased convenience in searching documents for companies and government agencies. For instance, accounting documents, financial documents,legal documentsand other important records which are required by law to retain these documents for checking at least 5-10 years.

The Company has the large and secure document storage center with the latest information management technology. There are air ventilators all over the roof to keep the level of temperature inside and there arestrong and durable prefabricated steel shelves that are expedient for storage and keeping documents. The Company uses the Automated Storage Retrieval System (AS/RS) that is the first and only one in Thailand with the most advanced technology in Asia and we have now computerized the inventory index and manage via bar-coding and scanning systems. Moreover, our staffs are qualified and specialized in organizing, indexing and storing document and also we provide transportation for delivery and pick-up document at client’s offices.

In addition, we provide an efficient service and wealsofocus on security of the documents which are confidential documents of each depositor by providing the security systems and data protection as follows:

  • There are 24 hours security guards all over the area of the warehouse.
  • There are in-out inspections of the buildings
  • Installation of smoke and fire detection systems and back-to-base fire alarms
  • Installation of infrared alarms, in case someone intrudes.
  • Installation of very large numbers of dry chemical fire extinguishers in all over the document-keeping areas.
  • Installation extinguishing water-pipe systems
  • There is an automatic safety-out system in case of overloads, leakage, short-circuits or electrocutes.
  • CCTV monitoring externally all over the area
  • Keycard for data record retention control and cartridge &magnetic tapes rooms’ entrance is available just only for the authorized executive person
  • There are cleaners to take care of the place and clean the document cartons everyday to ensure cleanliness.
  • The company hires a specialist company in pest control to look after and manage at least once a month to ensure the documents are safely kept.
  • Now, Document Storage service is certified with quality standard ISO 9001 : 2008

No. 115, 115/7-9, Moo. 6, SoiSuksawat 76, Suksawat Road, Bangchak, Phrapradaeng, Samutprakarn. 10130


1. Record Retention

Sub Sri Thai Public Company Limited has document management system in modern and standardized services for document storage in a large Document Storage Services Center, with storage services in carton, files, and large-size tube.

  • In Carton:

    We have specially-designed Program with the use of barcode in the collection and positioning the cartons systematically, helping for fast recording of information and double checking examination at every process for its accuracy.

    Moreover, we have recording service on all documents with modern computer in fast retrieval of information files through Program Packing and Filing,the depositor can search for information using Key Word, for instance, carton number, date of deposit, expiry date of document, etc.

  • In Files:

    We have Computer Program, specially-designed for specific files collection using Barcode System to facilitate the collection and stating the positions of the files systematically, making the recording of information fast and also with its checking system at every process for its accuracy.

  • Checking and Reporting

    Computer Program used in recording and reporting can help our depositors to follow at every process and to know its document’s status.

  • Transportation and Pick-upDocuments and Reports:

    We have reporting service in the form of Diskette or if you want fastness we have Computer On-line by simply visiting website:, you can immediately find out whatever you want to know immediately from our staff.


2. CD-ROM & Media Storage

Storage of back-up tapes, CD-ROMS, audio videotapes, film and vital records within our temperature and humidity controlled vault. The temperature is maintained between 20?C - 25?C with relative humidity of 40% - 50%. And we also provide containers for computer media.

3. Strong Room

We have safe and secure storage in Strong Room for confidential documents and we are the first in this service using Automated Storage and Retrieval System, in most modern collection system in Asia and the first in Thailand with storage in Strong Room, with over 3-hour fire resistant in closed room without any employee involved but with robotic arm in storage and retrieval of documents so it is faster and in extreme safety.


4. Scan

Providing scan your documents or deposited document and keep the images in electronic file that you may access via secure online.

5. Other Services

  • Archive Cartons

    The Sub Sri Thai Box is available for purchase. These are specially design for holding all usual office documents.

  • Packing Filing Indexing

    Our indexing team can organize your documents, create indexes, boxes, bar codes and prepare files for storage. We always attempts to work with our clients to identify the contents of each box.

  • Searching at the file folder level

    We provide you with the most accurate tracking of your records via bar code system and scanning systems to identify and inventory, so item locations are always accurate

  • Delivery

    We provide transportation for delivery and pick-up documents at client’s offices. We offer both normal and urgent delivery requests. Each vehicle has i

  • Viewing Room

    You can access to your records by using our viewing room. It is a comfortable and private room. Sub Sri Thai will serve you with Photocopier, Phone, Fax etc.

  • Contact to Ministry of Commerce

    Offering application for permission from Ministry of Commerce regarded keeping the accounts and the documents relevant thereto elsewhere.

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