Corporate Social Responsibility

Vision and Mission on Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Intend to run business with virtues, ethics, and awareness in social responsibility and for the country.
  • Intend to create quality and excellence in all organization sections and to intend to develop new products and services with quality and standard with the modern technology added value and satisfaction to our client including the customers, trade partners, employees and shareholders.
  • Aim to treat our personnel with human rights including the promotion of their development in equality and fairness.
  • Aim to promote and develop environment in the organization and awareness on corporate social responsibility towards our natural resource and environment.

The company has its policy in running business by giving importance and dedication to the maintenance of environment and safety, occupational health in the company’s business activities to create benefits to economic, social and our society as follow:

Environment and Safety

  • The company’s warehouse is located at the bank of the Chao Phya River; therefore, we oversee the release of waste water into the river by constructing the grease trap for treating fat and waste water, taking the sample of water from various points in order to verify the quality under the standard by measuring Ph,BOD, Suspended Solids, Oil & Grease, Nitrate-Nitrogen, Phosphate and other for every 3 months with relevant report to the state authorities.

  • On occupational health and safety, the company oversees the working environment to be safe for life and property of the employees, customers and contact persons at all time, so it has been improved with the checking system on fire and water safety regularly. We have planned and trained on fire prevention to the employees annually, including the hiring of engineering control team trained and registered as the building inspector to check the building stability including lift system, electricity and air-conditioning, health and environment, prevention and extinguishing of fire, capacity of equipment and systems in the building, safety management of the building annually and the company has been accredited with the certificates from the state authorities until the present time.


  • The company has strictly complied with all related laws on quality of life, environment, safety, labor, accounting and tax administration, copyright and intellectual property from any dishonest act and we comply with official notifications in relation with our business. In 2011 the National Anti-Corruption Commission has announced the rules and methods in the preparation and statement of accounts of the project that person or juristic entity is contract party with the government agencies, B.E. 2554, effective from 1 April 2012, for the benefit in the prevention and suppression of corruption in contracts between state agencies and person or juristic entity. The company as a contract party with government agencies is aware in the impacts from corruption so we have paid attention in this matter by having our employees attending the seminars to improve their understanding and to strictly comply with NACC notifications.

    In addition, we have co-operated in supporting activities of the government agencies in seminar and proposing our opinion as an operator in warehouse and wharf business to The Thai Chamber of Commerce and Board of Trade of Thai Chamber of Commerce, Warehouse, Silo and Cold Storage Business Association for the official benefit in improving the rules and regulations and administration to enhance efficiency in the industrial sector of the country. Moreover, the company has co-operated with government agencies in their implementation, for instance, granting the Ladluang City Municipality to use the area of Warehouse II for the local election and general election.

  • The company has the policy to make ourselves to have with, Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR, through internal and external activities with the consideration on its impact to the society, by using the resources inside and outside the organization, in order to live happily in the society with normal peace. Therefore, the company has conducted CSR Day in the workplace by organizing CSRDAYsince 2011 and in 2012 to promote the knowledge about CorporateSocialResponsibility – CSRto the employees to enhance their “participation process” and to make preparation for them in SustainabilityDevelopmentReport (SDReport) under the guidance of GlobalReportingInitiative (GRI), a project supported by the Stock Exchange of Thailand, Corporate Social Responsibility Institute (CSRI) and Thaipat Institute.

  • And from our CSR Day, our employees propose on environmental, the company’ s staff and social activities as follow: Mangrove Forest Project, Happy Work Happy Life and Education Materials Donation for Schools, and the company has organized the mangrove forestation at Chulachomklao Fort, Samutprakan Province on 10 July 2011, Project Donating Money and Things to Pakkred Babies’ Home, Nonthaburi on 28 July 2012 and Project Donating Blood to Commemorate His Majesty’s 84th Birthday and the celebrations on the auspicious of His Majesty’s 84th Birthday on 29 September 2012.

  • On the society and the communities nearby the company, we provide with education funds and Children’s Day Fund to the schools in PhraPadaeng District and PhraSamut Jedi District continually every year. Moreover, the company has organized with the funds for social donations and for our religion, Buddhism continually every year. In 2012, the company has contributed supporting donations at the amount of Baht 61,000.-

  • In addition, the company has contributed with knowledge to education institutions including public or private agencies that are interested in company’s business on Automated Warehouse, by visiting to learn our Automated Storage and Retrieval System, the most modern technology in Asia and the first and only in Thailand. In 2012, it has organizations and institutions interested in making visit on AS/RS system, for instance, Office of Auditor General of Thailand, Dhurakij Pundit University and Rajamangala University of Technology PhraNakhon, etc.

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