Benefitting from more than 40 years of experience in the storage and hand-ing of documents and media files, SST is now able to offer world class ware-housing and distribution from the campus site at Suksawat Road, which now enjoys easy access to the outer ring road and also close enough to the CBD to offer a quick delivery service.

Key Benefits of Working with SST as Your Logistics Provider

  • SST can reduce your cost in warehousing, distribution and transport
  • Your inventory can be reduced and order cycle time can be shorter
  • Tailor made solutions to fit your exact requirements
  • Delivery on time and in full creates improved customer satisfaction

Our Mission

Before we propose a solution to our customers, our approach is to listen to your requirements and understand your underlying business and future pro-spects. We can identify key requirements and growth potential, competitive advantage, profitability goals and service needs.

Working together closely as a coherent team, we can propose a supply chain solution which meets your requirements and adds real value to your business

บริการศูนย์กระจายสินค้า SST SST DISTRIBUTION SERVICES

Suksawat Campus

On our site at Soi 76 Suksawat Road we have up to 22 warehouse units which can be operated as single units or easily combined to produce a range of flexi-ble larger facilities. The space provided can be from 1,700 square meters up to 12,000 square meters.

บริการศูนย์กระจายสินค้า SST SST DISTRIBUTION SERVICES บริการศูนย์กระจายสินค้า SST SST DISTRIBUTION SERVICES

Transport Services

Suksawat Campus is located close to the outer ring road providing easy access to Bangkok Central District and for nationwide distribution.

We can provide integrated collections from your suppliers using backhaul scheduling and sophisticated route planning software to ensure the lowest cost in transportation whilst maintaining the service standards demanded by you customers.

Our fleet of various capacities, both dedicated and shared, are ideal for E-commerce deliveries direct to your customer

บริการศูนย์กระจายสินค้า SST SST DISTRIBUTION SERVICES

Services We Can Provide for Our Customers

  • Analysis of your warehouse and transport requirements
  • Solution Design based on your requirements
  • Dedicated or shared facilities
  • A.P.D.O.T. Project Management Program—Analyse-Plan-Deploy-Operate–Transition
  • Experienced Warehouse Management procurement and implementation
  • In-House Warehouse optimization software solution
  • In-House Transport optimization software solution
  • Secure Campus with 24/7 guarding

Contact SST for All Your Logistics Requirements

Mr.Rod Kimber Vice President Document Storage
and Wharf Business
Ms.Kanpadaphat Thutiyaporn
Head of Third Party Logistics
Mobile: 08-13526303
Office: 02 4641502-9, 02-4630127

Sub Sri Thai Public Company Limited

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2044/25-27, Petchburitadmhai Rd., Bangkapi,
Huaykwang, Bangkok. 10310
Tel. 02-318-5514-5 , 02-314-0412 , 02-314-3132

Warehouse 1 & Wharf :

71, 71/1-9 Mhoo 1, Soi Suksawat 49, Suksawat Rd., Bangjark, Phrapradang, Samutraprakarn.
Tel. 02-463-4280-5, 02-4626325

Warehouse 2-3 & Documentary Warehouse:

115 Mhoo 6, Soi Suksawat 76, Suksawat Rd., Bangjark,
Phrapradang, Samutraprakarn.
Tel. 02-463-0127, 02-464-1502-9

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